Saturday, September 8, 2007


Mugabe's rule has been detrimental to the countries people and economy, food production has plummeted, and inflation is greater than 7000 percent. The external aid that the country used to depend on has been cut since 1999 by international nations who have been disgusted by the actions of the Mugabe regime. Africa has been plagued by discrimination, anti-intellectualism, and anti-capitalism. The combination of corruption, ethnic strife, and constant purges of successful businesses is only exasperating the problems. Violence and government sanctioned thuggery against whites, and south east asian business owners and farmers is a form of racism rarely addressed by U.S. media because it doesn't fit the mold of whites as sole racists. The problems Zimbabwe created for itself are now spilling over into South Africa and will likely create greater instability in that region and place further pressure on white Africans. I am no defender of greed and thievery whoever its source, but some people need to focus on improving themselves and their surrounding instead of blaming others for everything in an attempt to justify confiscation of wealth, because it will only undermine economic development.

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Anonymous said...

It is ironic that black Africans will point at whites and blame them for all of their problems yet seem to chase their own finger into the "bigots" back yard, fill their stomach on all of the garden, and once all assets are squandered they will run from black tyrants and demand more white handouts (reparations).