Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Petraeus and Crocker

The house was primed to grill Petraeus over what they believed to be a mismanaged war operation but were delayed by microphones that did not work except for the background sound of them swearing and grumbling. The serenity was further upset by protestors who seemed to bother the chairman enough to cause him to threaten prosecution in the typically arrogant manner of our "representatives". The senate followed suit and it was obvious Petraeus and Crocker were tired of giving their entire opening speeches over and over again and decided to shorten the summary. It seems ridiculous to have them waste their time giving the speech three times in this day and age of technology. Well it may have payed of to cut some time so the two could take some time away from testifying and shove food down their mouth in the 5 extra minutes for dinner that was graciously available between rounds of self satisfying congressional speeches.

I wonder how well congress could operate in a war zone if they can't even seem to get their operations to run smoothly in the cushy comfort of DC.

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